Wednesday, June 15, 2011


OK...So finally I'm feeling a bit more out of my funk!!  The past year, I have had so much on my plate as far as dealing with loved ones and their cancers...losing my dad was the hardest loss of all, and my aunt and my sister continue to beat the beast.  Now I have to beat my slump!

So today I went to GNC and w/ the guidance of a nutritionalist, I was able to buy some things that I think will help me feel more energetic, and boost my metabilism.  I haven't been to the gym in over 8 mos...and I got to a point where I didn't care what I ate or when I ate it.  And it's starting to show...

Now, I'm not looking to drop drastic weight...just tone and lose a few pounds (esp in my gut)...and while I am learning life is too short, I fully intend to live it a healthier way...sure, I will still indulge if the op is there, I just will learn to manage my portions and go back to my motto 'taste everything, eat nothing'...because truly, it's not about what you eat all the time, it's about moderation!!  AMEN to that!!!

So, my first step was buying the 'supply' at, I should step on the scale just to get a reality check...I used to do this daily before my dad died...and now I'm just afraid to see the damage I did to myself.

So, here I go...I hope to blog my success and pitfalls thru stay 'TONED'...:)


Anonymous said...

You always look so beautiful and fit but I do know you put everyone else first before yourself SO... good for you to embrace a "healthy way"!!! Take care-love you,
Susan xoxo

MO said...

Thank you, Susan, you are too sweet!!! It was time for me to change my 'tude and get back into a better 'place'...when I'm upset, I tend to's my comfort...and it caught up to me...:) Hope to see you soon!!!! xoxo