Sunday, October 10, 2010

Girl Time

Friday I had a chance to WFH...and the girls were off from, after our eye doc appts, us 3 gals headed out on a mission...!  FUN!!!  I was WAY overdue with my 'rewards' program...Haylee had accomplished all her stickers for her chores and Ashlee had a perfect month at school for good behavior, so they were allowed ONE thing at the toy store.  After that we headed to the mall to their fave store (Justice) and they picked out some new slippers, nail polish, hair bands, snuggies...and man did THAT add up, ugh...but they were so excited.  After THAT, we had a nice lunch...such a nice day for mommy-daughter bonding...:)
Ashlee's new 'twinkle toes' by Sketchers


Anonymous said...

I love love love the twinkle toes...I saw a 2 year old with them the other day...they were the smallest things EVER! and cute as a button!


MO said...

she wears them allll the time...she loves them, lol!

Anonymous said...

Well they don't exactly match everything but leave it to Ash to find a way to wear them all the time :) I can see her rationalizing with you now..bah!