Monday, October 11, 2010

Golden Anniv Mass

As you know, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniv on Oct 1st...we wanted to have a special mass for them, but the priest we wanted was not able to do it until Oct worth the wait!  Father "Jag" grew up with my dad, and they just happen to run into each other a few years ago...when he heard how sick my dad was, he insisted on doing an anoiting of the sick for him...and do this anniversary mass for them.

Words cannot describe how much love was in that house that day...we kept it semi small (which is near impossible since we come from such a huge family).  Anyway, this priest was just excellent...he just made it so personal and talks with such ease...

The most touching part was when they renewed their parents had no idea they were going to do this...and if you know my dad, you'll know he is not a into public speaking...but sure enough, they both stood in front of dad went first, and repeated each vow...I KNEW the last verse "til death do you part" was going to be tough for him...and sure enough, he broke down as he said those words...there wasn't a dry eye in the room.  My MOM, on the other hand, was a ROCK.  She could have easily broke down too, but she knew she had to be strong for my dad...and she powered thru her vows with a strong voice and strength!  It was just the most touching mass I've ever been too...
mom, dad, and Father John


The Filliben MEN

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