Thursday, October 14, 2010


Everytime my boss travels Internationally, he always brings me back a 'taste' of where he went...and it's usually in the form of FOOD...!  Last week he was in he brought me back a HUGE (300grams) candy bar called Lindt Swiss Premium Chocolate.  In 3 days I've managed to take a pretty good chunk out of that bar (it's about the length of my forearm!)...I need to get RID of this candy...I cannot keep it in my's evil I tell ya, pure evil...ok, but purely GOOD, melt in your mouth evil...:)  I have zero self control at this point...going to break this bar up into small pieces and offer it to folks in my bldg at work...there is no way I'm taking this home (me & my kids WILL eat it), and it's just too good to toss in the trash (never waste I say), so I will feel better if I SHARE the good taste of the Swiss Chocolates...:)


Sweet_Life said...

jmgMust say, being a chocolatier,lol, that swiss chocolate is probably the best. It does just melt in your mouth. But my question is, is it milk or dark? I just remind myself with dark about all the benefits it gives. The antioxidants are comparable to a glass of red wine. Studies show it helps with liver, brain and heart.

MO said...

Hi Steph!!! Yes, I have read all about the benefits of dark chocolate...and, I'd MUCH rather have DARK chocolate, but he got my MILK chocolate...(the nerve), LOL!