Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct 1st...50 Year Anniversary!

It amazes me when I hear about couples with such big anniversaries...and luckily I come from a huge family where every single aunt and uncle remain true to their death do you part!  Unfortunately Marriage is way under rated these days...everyone gets divorced before they hit their 10 yr anniversary, let alone see their GOLDEN anniversary!  75% of my friends have all been divorced!!!

So, here is a couple that truly put every vow to the ultimate test...

*For richer or poorer...raising 8 kids, my mom was the traditional 'stay at home mom' while my dad worked 3 jobs just to put us all thru 12 yrs of private Catholic schooling.
*In good times and in me on this one, 50 years you are BOUND to have many rough spots!
*In sickness and in health...10 yrs ago my mom had stage 3 breast cancer...she went thru hell but is alive to tell her story, and my dad was there for her every step of the way.  My dad is now battleing both pancreatic and's been a very difficult time for both of them, but they remain dedicated to beating the beast!

Here's to proving marriage is work thru it and work it out!

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